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February 16th, 2015 by Site Admin

2015 Outdoor Soccer registration is available online.

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April 11th, 2013 by Site Admin

SSA Indoor Soccer Facility Proposal

February 14th, 2012 by Zac Gribble


A substantial amount of work has already been completed by the Stratford Soccer Association (SSA) in identifying the need and community benefits of an Indoor Soccer Facility for the City of Stratford. As well, a conceptual architectural plan for the Facility has been commissioned by SSA. While the Association is committed to pursuing an Indoor Soccer Facility independent of specifying a particular location, the land parcel south of the Rotary Complex, already designated by the City of Stratford for recreational use, is proposed as the ideal site.


The Indoor Soccer Facility Project’s vision encompasses the Project’s benefits and features:

Promoting the City of Stratford as a highly desirable community, and enriching the health and wellbeing of its
citizens by creating a permanent Indoor Soccer Facility incorporating a half-size field, washrooms, change rooms and meeting room, situated adjacent to a lit premier full-size outdoor soccer field.

The Project is inclusive of Stratford’s diverse population, from children to seniors, and fully embraces Stratford’s Smart City initiative by engaging the community through innovative online facility interaction.


SSA will work together with the City of Stratford, various corporate and private partners and sponsors to designate the land, construct the Indoor Soccer Facility with adjacent premier field, and provide funding for each stage. Once completed, SSA will strive to ensure that the Indoor Soccer Facility remains sustainable and cost-neutral through maximizing usage by a variety of community groups including Stratford Youth Soccer leagues, SSA leagues, soccer tournaments and festivals, Avon Maitland Public and Huron-Perth Catholic School Boards, University of Waterloo Stratford Campus, Minor Sports Council, local and regional sports and fitness groups as well as private/commercial rentals.


The main objective for 2012 is to reach an agreement with the City of Stratford to designate land for the Indoor Soccer Facility Project and to approve in principle the construction of the buildings and premier field. Concurrently, professional consultants have been retained to work with SSA in developing a business plan, community support initiatives, a fundraising strategy plan, and strategic partnerships in order to accomplish the Indoor Soccer Facility Project.

The target completion date for the premier outdoor soccer field is Spring 2015, followed by completion of the Indoor Soccer Facility targeted for Fall 2015.

Visit the Indoor Soccer Facility Project page for more details.